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Whenever dealing with the problem of Chain Migration,
people often say
"if you're a talented worker, then you should have nothing to worry about."
It's a very patronizing remark which suggests that we cannot successfully compete against them.
Never mind the fact that Europe and USA saw their greatest period of prosperity prior to these forced unsustainable migrations.
The 1960's was most prosperous era in history. (Certainly no thanks to the late '60's generation.)

Also, these claims ignore the fact that we are not allowed to actively compete in their markets.
(For example: There are retirement communities in Mexico, which house Foreigners. And, the occupants are prohibited from seeking work, buying stocks, or trading.)

But that's not even relevant to the case.
Every nation is entitled to control its own destiny.
Do you remember when India fought to gain independence from The British Empire?
India's people argued that it's better to be poor, without British Influence, than to have prosperity under their rule. This is an extreme example which clearly demonstrates the point.

NumbersUSA warns against those who claim that "Americans cannot take care of themselves."
Meanwhile, David Duke points out; that Europeans are very well capable of accomplishing anything.
[Dan2 adds that African Americans are certainly able to perform the same jobs which are currently held by migrant workers.]

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter.

As you already know:
Corporations have been 'secretly' hiring migrant workers, including those who entered here legally.

But, the more important issue has been completely ignored.
And this article attempts to tackle the problem:

Let's interview someone who's able to obtain additional information.
We found a gentleman who performed routine 'Day-work' Construction for 20 years.
So, unlike ordinary Jobsite Construction, This Gentleman was able to visit over 1,000 Corporate office buildings. (Thus giving him a Hands-on experience).
Additionally, prior to becoming a Construction worker; this man also spent 2 years as a Private Investigator. (Not irrelevant, because it later-on helped him obtain vital information).

Okay: Let's repeat this information.
A Gentleman named Ron performs Daily Maintenance work & Inspections in 1,000 different and Unique office Buildings.
During-which, he was able to learn how Corporations hire Migrant workers, instead of available Americans. [particularly excluding African Americans].

Here's a few examples:
example 1:--The Year was 1994:
And, While working at a High-Rise Building in White Plains, New York;
Ron encountered their maintenance staff altogether in the Office.
The employees were a mixture of Caucasians, African Americans, and Hispanics who only spoke English. (Therefore, the ethnic "Latino" status was not considered an issue, nor a problem.) Plus, there was a 1st Generation bilingual immigrant from Chile. And, aside from the Supervisor, this settler from Chile possessed the most experience.
10 Years later; (in 2004) the bilingual immigrant had since become the Supervisor. And, the diverse staff had been completely replaced by 100% Spanish-Speaking Latino workers. That's All 12 employees. This type of scenario is typical.

example 2--At Gannett Drive;
The Corporation hired a Legalized migrant worker from Columbia, as their Building manager. This contradicts Stephen Colberts claims that Migrants are performing difficult jobs that no American wants. This also carried a consequence. The Columbian Building-manager then proceeded to hire additional maintenance workers of Latino stock. So, his entire staff was Spanish-Speaking Latino.

example 3--On Main street; Another Corporation hired a Cuban immigrant to be their Building Manager. So, as expected; he promptly hired an entire staff of fellow Latinos. But, there were additional consequences as well. Each time Contractors were needed, he would always hire Spanish Speaking Latinos. Please remember, the Corporate Owner is an ordinary American (who speaks no Spanish). But, he decides to hire Foreign workers who discriminate against our own people.

general info:We spoke to an 'Alarm Specialist' who noticed these discriminatory hiring practices.
Essentially: Whenever Latino Building Managers sought to hire fellow Latino Contractors; they were unable to find 'Spanish Speaking' Alarm Specialists. And, it just so happens, RON was that Alarm Guy.

Does anyone recognize the simple truth. American Corporations are hiring Latino immigrants as their Building Managers. And, once given this position; they will only hire within their ethnicity & language.
Does this sound like a familiar story ?
More importantly: Is it fair that such a mediocre position should yield so much power?
These Migrant Workers are often nothing more than 1st day Maintenance Mechanics for Corporate Buildings. Yet this job grants them power to employ whomever they wish.

In short:
Migrants are given Maintenance jobs despite often having little experience.
But, this profession gives immediate authority to hire additional workers within Inner-Circles.
And, when seeking Contractors; they only search for Spanish-Speaking individuals.
While, the English-Speaking community is completely ignored.
Please remember:
We're talking about uneducated, unskilled Migrant workers who are given these powers.
When any person becomes a "Building Manager"; his main task is hiring other workers. This explains why Corporations are manned by 100% Spanish-Speaking Latino Staff.

example 4--Town Centre, Brewster. Caucasian man is the new building manager. Nonetheless, he still predominantly hires Latino Immigrants. One reason is because greedy Americans prefer superordinate workers. But, it clearly indicates a Double-Standard.
--Black hires black.
--Latinos hires Latino.
--Asian hires Asian.
--Jew hires fellow Jews.
--Caucasian hires anyone except for his own available workers.
this is also an issue which must be addressed.
Sadly, our people are taught to be selfish, knifing, & betraying.
This perpetuates the demand for foreign labor.

#5--Here's a typical example: Sometimes around 1993; Contractor, Dave Adler decides that he wishes to only hire Spanish-Speaking workers. And, that's precisely what he did.
Now, whether or not these workers have Legal status is completely irrelevant. It's still gives reason to investigate the matter for possible Civil Rights violations.
Please remember:
People cannot make an argument- "it's okay to hire foreigners, just so long as they're legal".
Unjust laws are frequently made by corrupt politicians; and could very-well be wrong. You're probably aware that the USA along with many European Nations have policies which attempt to destroy their own people.

Also note:
Spanish-Speaking Building Managers hire fellow co-workers usually of Legal Status.
But additionally; they also hire illegal workers to perform many temporary jobs.

#6--The Wealthy are much responsibility for this problem. The largest Country Club in Westchester County, N.Y. hired a huge staff of nearly 50 Maintenance Workers.
All but 3 are foreign-born. And, although many are temporary workers, it still denies these jobs to Local unemployed Citizens.

Another problem is that MOST jobs held by foreign workers WERE NOT EVEN AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.
#7--Here's an example: Yonkers Contracting hires a migrant worker from Equator. This man is the cousin of another worker. This means: an employee from Equator sought permission from Yonkers Contracting to petition for a relative. So, when his cousin arrived in USA, the job was already waiting for him. Did this job require special skills?
Nope. He began "managing" abandoned properties, such as 969 Midland Avenue.
NOW, THE STORY TAKES AN UNEXPECTED TURN. IT was eventually discovered that 28 homeless persons were residing at 969 Midland Avenue. Most of them were African Americans.
So, let's ask why these unfortunate people are jobless and homeless ?
One reason is because Corporations are petitioning for foreigners.
Let's remember the Equatorial worker who was literally given this job.
It begs to wonder why Mainstream media ignored this issue throughout the 1990's,
and during the GW Bush administration (2000-2008).
Why was it so important for The Media to keep this matter a secret?

We're not referring to any singular example.
...As a whole, The Media's policy was to remain silent.
Oddly though, once matters worsened; Journalist proudly claimed responsibility for promoting foreigners.
In other words:
They deliberately kept people in the dark; until the problem grew.
In which case, after the fact; they began bragging about it.
This proves true in Europe, Canada, and Australia; as well as the USA.

In addition to the stories you've just heard;
RON, additionally listed several hundred uniquely distinct examples.
Plus, there are untold cases which others have also witnessed.

But listing each and every known case won't be necessary.

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